Review: Fulfillment by KM Golland

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Title: Fulfillment (Book 3 in the Temptation Series)
Author: K.M. Golland

I am blown away by the 3rd book in this series. K.M. Golland does an amazing job in my opinion of showing how true love can overcome anything if you just continue to focus on what is important.

Bryce and Alexis’s have now moved in together and are trying to start a life that they felt was always meant to be. We learn a lot and still continue to learn about Bryce’s past. Alexis’s children come to love Bryce and accept their parents separation. Bryce and Alexis experience grief, tragedy, and happiness in this installment.

In this book the author was able to convey the emotions of the situations. Parts of this book had me with a few tears, another part laughing and had my heart feel different emotions.

You must read this book so that you have the complete story of Bryce and Alexis.