✰★✰★ #CoverReveal ★✰★✰ CIRQUE by Ashleigh Giannoccaro

act1ecoverCIRQUE by Ashleigh Giannoccaro

Release Date: September 15, 2016


A boy looked in a window, to see a naughty show

Through the pane of pain, the master clown did blow

The circus is a holy tent, the keeper of my rhyme

Where I forged my chains, creating this pantomime

Pretending to be normal, I wait until after dark

Then I paint the frown on, get a whore from the park

At the bottom of that bed was a darling in a chest

She watched with big eyes, horror hooking her from rest

She dances for the maniac, twirling on her strings

I will make her mine, sharing damaged things

I will be her riddle, she will help me grin

So why does she run away, she has to let me in

No one loves the clown, not even the midget

We’ve gone too far, she will know my secret

Love can break the hardest mask, I know this to be true

Nightmares have hearts too, I only needed you

Cover Photo by Camilo Alvarez
Cover Design by Gemma Poppet Rice


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I live in South Africa with my husband, two daughters, five dogs, two meerkats and a parrot. I love to read and my kindle(s) are my favourite gadget. I am a coffee addict and I hate purple sweets. I love to write next to an open window.
I am inspired by everything around me and I love to people watch wherever I go.