Book Re-Release: Damaged By Nina D’Angelo

Book Re-Release
Title: Damaged
Author: Nina D’Angelo
Cover Design: Laura Hidalgo
Edited by: C. Streetlights and Tiffany Fox
Formatted by:  Deena Rae of Beyond DEF and E-BookBuilders
Beyond DEF Production

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Running is all Stephanie Carovella knows…




After witnessing the tragic and brutal murders of her parents and her best friend, Stephanie has built a fortress around her life and refuses to let anyone inside her walls. Especially sexy, tattooed womanizers. But when Stephanie’s cautious path is uprooted, she can’t deny the sexual tension she feels for Dominic Delaney.


Love ’em and leave ’em is Dominic’s game…
Unfortunately, things change when he falls for the dangerously wild and unpredictable Stephanie. Their intense attraction encourages Dominic to seek the chase, but he soon realizes she is full of secrets. Stephanie refuses to confess how shattered she is, but falling for Dominic could be the only reason to stop running.
Can Dominic show Stephanie even the damaged deserve to fall in love, or will the lingering memories of her traumatic past resurface and ruin it all?
The first installment of the romantic suspense series—The Outlaws—Damaged will have readers gripping their book in this whirlwind drama-filled love affair.




Writing has always been Nina’s greatest love, followed closely by music.  A freelance music journalist for more years than she’d like to count, Nina decided in 2013 that it was time to step away from journalism and chase the elusive dream of becoming an author.  The result: Damaged.