★•**•.★ Hope’s Review ★•**•.★ : Always the One by C.C. Monroe


Title: Always the One
Author: C.C Monroe

Review by Hope Wanderlust

5 Stars and C. C. Monroe should “toot her own horn.”

I get to the end of the book and I am left in a love/dislike relationship with C. C. Monroe.

This is the story of 4 lifelong friends and their journey into love. Always The One focuses on Trey and Shay. While they are best friends, Trey is also the best friend of Kingston, Shay’s older brother. Kingston is also friends with Lana, Shay’s other best friend. They grew up in Utah and make the move to Seattle after the girls graduate. Trey has “mommy issues” as do Kingston and Shay but his wounds from them cut further than we initially think.

Trey has loved Shay for so long and he finally makes the move. The two have to learn to maintain their friendship while being in a relationship for the first time in their early and mid-twenties.

While reading this, I loved that C. C. Monroe has such a way of writing that some of her lines resonated with my soul:

“I find myself behind books laced in poetic words about the beauty of love, setting my expectation far higher than reality.”

“I want this moment to last forever. I want my time with her to last far past the time we are given here on earth. I don’t know if I believe in eternity, but she sure makes me hopeful that there will be one. She makes me feel like the day I was born only half of me entered the world while the other half waited with her and the day we met is when I became complete again.”

“I don’t believe love has a timeline, love is wild, unpredictable, you can’t tame it or tell it when it should happen. You have to let the heart lead you and then grab onto the reins for the bumpy, shocking, thrilling, and beautiful damn ride it is.”

Now….the waiting game – the reason for my dislike. {sigh }