Hope’s Review of Bad Judgment By Meghan March

Bad JUD Cover Front

Hope Wanderlust’s Review

5 Stars because, “let’s be honest”- aren’t all her books 5 stars.

Justine has had a shitty life. The only one she could count on before law school was her grandpa. There she met her best friend, Merica. Those are the people she trusts.
Ryker is the collegiate and graduate playboy. He comes from a family of lawyers and judges. You would think he had the perfect life.
Then one day, Ryker is intrigued by Justine’s because of her brain.
Two years later, circumstances happen and Justine is right where Ryker wants her or is Ryker right where Justine wants him?  But, Ryker doesn’t know how this came to truly happen. Will Justine’s secret be too much for him?
In a plot filled with secrets, the two must learn to truly be honest with one another in order to stay together.
Clearly I am Meghan March biased because I’ve rated all the books I’ve read from her with 5 stars, but, her writing is one that keeps me intrigued and makes it hard for me to put my Kindle down because I get caught up in the story. This book was different from the others I’ve read and I still found myself drawn into the plot and was trying to figure it out before I finished.
I only chose two lines to share from this book – one for Ryker and one for Justine. Each line is a clear statement of who they are.
Ryker – “But let’s be honest – all I see is braless tits bouncing in my shirt.”
Justine – “I’ve spent most of my life bouncing from place to place, never having a chance to put down my roots.”