Hope’s Review ~~ The Hard Way by Katie Ashley


The Hard Way by Katie Ashley

Reviewer: Hope Wanderlust

5 Stars! 
Gah! This story. Young love growing into mature love.
Cade is from a wealthy political family. His dad will do everything in his power to try to maintain their “perfect” family image. Avery is a scholarship student. She’s intelligent and beautiful but when you place her in a private school among the wealthy, she stays true to her introverted ways. The two are paired up for a assignment on Shakespeare’s works and they discover truths about one another.
After one beautiful night…all is changed and Cade destroys Avery.
Several years later, Cade’s dad cannot get him out of his latest incident and life places him in Avery’s life again. This time, he is working at an at risk youth center to pay back his debt. It is during this time that Cade learns what life is really all about. They both have to face what happened and move forward.
Katie Ashley does an absolute fabulous job at intertwining their past with the present. I adore her use of quotes from various Shakespeare works to transition between the past and present.
My favorite passages are:
“Time heals all wounds, but some are so deep it would almost take an eternity to repair.”
“There’s only right here and right now, and there’s no one else but you and me. None of the past. Just us and this moment.”
Make sure you have Kleenex handy!