Review: Call Me, Irresistible by Jess Bryant

📣📣Review by Hope Wanderlust 📣📣
Call Me, Irresistible by Jess Bryant 

5 Texas sized stars! 

This story of Shane and Lemon is one that tells of a love that transpires over decades. One that starts when Lemon is a girl and must pass the test of time and life. 

Lemon has a life that many girls dream of. She chased her dream to Nashville and she made it come true. She’s got millions of adoring fans but her life is still missing something…

Shane married his high school sweetheart and has three beautiful daughters. Now that he’s divorced, life must go on and he doesn’t realize he is missing something until Lemon returns home to Fate. 

Fate. Fate…as a noun is defined as a development of events beyond a person’s control. As a verb it is defined as something destined to happen. In Shane and Lemon’s lives, well, it’s home. It’s life. It’s love. It’s a noun and a verb all at once. 
Now….I’m wondering if Jess is gonna write a book about Trent.