Review: Mayhem by Autumn Sand

༺✿༻☆༺✿༻   Hope’s Review

Mayhem by Autumn Sand
5 Effing Stars. 
I am that gal that cannot read a book if I do not read the book (or books) that lead up to it no matter if it can be read as a standalone. While I liked the story of Tony and Anaya… I loved the story of Dante and Cyma. 
Dante. He knows heartbreak. He knows war. He knows the mob. He knew love once upon a time. 
Cyma. She knows heartbreak. She knows struggle. She knows heartache. She believes in a world where there is no happily ever after in life. 
Dante is at the right place at the right time and saves Cyma from a fate that would set her life down a path that would destroy her more than she already is. In doing so, he opens his heart to feelings that he hasn’t felt in years that alters his path and ultimately, Cyma’s. 
Mayhem is a book that is full of just that…mayhem. Dante and Cyma have to learn how to heal from their past as they learn how to love in the present and look ahead  to their future.