Review: Full Count by Lynn Stevens

༺✿༻☆༺✿༻Gypsy Soul Korina’s Review

5 Stars! 
Lynn Stevens hit the ball out of the park with Full Count! 
She had all the elements of a grand slam novel. Baseball. The sexy baseball player who was also a country boy?! The mysterious “nerdy” yet beautiful in her own way girl…But, this sports romance included an aspect that I hadn’t seen before. One that has been seen in the real world media and it was done so realistically and purposefully. 
Aaron’s life was planned around baseball from the womb. He went to the same university his daddy went to and played for. He even had his high school sweetheart there with him. Life was going according to plan…until it didn’t. 
Until he meets Mallory. At least the version of Mallory that she’ll allow him to meet until the life she planned stopped going according to plan. 
What happens when life gets beyond messy and hearts are involved? 
I’ll leave you with my favorite passage from the book:
“Love doesn’t mean knowing someone, Aaron. I’ve spent damn near forty-five years with Grandpa, and we’re still getting to know each other. Every day, month, year, we grow. We change. You never really know someone, but you know how you feel about them. And loving someone means wanting to continue to learn and grow with each other.”