Review: WICKED WISHThe Wicked Horse Vegas – Book 2By Sawyer BennetRelease Day August 11


  Gypsy.Soul.Korina’s Review

5 Wicked Stars…
I am going to be honest…initially, I was devastated because Wicked Wish was not about the character I wanted it to be: Kynan. But…Ms. Bennett has a way that captivates your attention and with me, especially when it comes to the Wicked Horse books. 
Walsh is Jorie’s brother’s best friend. Walsh and Jorie have an unbreakable bond that Micah, her brother, doesn’t know about. What happens when the two meet happenstance in a place that Walsh wouldn’t have ever thought she’d be in. 
Wicked Wish is filled with the emotional baggage of Walsh and Jorie that you experience as their journey relays their past. You’ll travel with them through the obstacles of their present encounters while hoping they have a future. 
I’m still hoping and wishing that Kynan has a story to be told but until the next Wicked Horse Vegas comes out, I’ll leave you with my favorite line: 
“Let’s get you saddled up. I’ve got a raging hard-on, so I want to make you come a few times, fuck your ass, and then I want to go back to my apartment and start season three of Sons of Anarchy.”
I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review.