Review: Hail No by Lani Lynn Vale


             Gypsy.Soul.Korina’s Review

5 Texas sized stars!

I love Lani Lynn Vale. I love that her series are intertwined. I love that her heroines have flaws and quirks because I can identify with that. I love that her chapters start with funny quotes or thoughts from one character to another.

Hail No is the latest series and we are introduced to Evander, Kennedy and the negative effects of living in a small town.

Evander is a hero until he isn’t until he is again. Kennedy is a quirky, chicken loving farmer transplanted to Texas upon finding out she’d been separated from a twin, siblings, and father as the result of a not so great divorce agreement. Both are down on their luck until they are not.

You’ll laugh. You’ll be reintroduced to characters from some of the other series. You’ll cry at least once.

 You’ll once again fall in love with Mrs. Vale’s characters – I mean how can you not with lines like “When Evander smiled…Jesus Christ, it was poetic.”

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.